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Style is personal and an extension of WHO you are. Your Style Survey lets us get to know you while you get clear on your style and goals (and how we can best serve you). We’ll also set up a quick 15-minute phone call to get to know you even better.

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The fun part for us! Once we get to know you, your style, your goals and how we can best serve you, we shop our inventory for the best pieces for you now. It’s eerie how good we are at this!

Take your Survey

The fun part for you! We don’t believe in massive wardrobes. We believe in amazing wardrobes you love. We only let you keep absolute yes’s..

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Simply pick a box that fits your budget, fill out the Style Survey on the next page and we’ll set up your welcome call for a time that is convenient to your schedule.

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Boutique Box has a mix of up-and-coming and established designers to be sure we have the best and most appropriate assortment for your needs as a busy, professional woman. Including but not limited to:


A great time and great results!

“Catherine is great to work with! She went through my whole closet and helped me get rid of things that didn't work, re-purpose things that could be used in a different way and then built at least 8 new outfits for me with things that were already in my closet! I had a great time and had great results. Working with Catherine is awesome!”

Wendy Piatt,

Not a luxury, but a needed service for anyone conducting business with the public.

“Catherine has an amazing capacity to pull things out of your own closet and put them together better than you could ever do. I worked at Barney's and Neiman's and thought I had it down. She really helped me look fantastic and create new looks without having to spend thousands of dollars. She focused on my career and the best colors and ways to show success when I conduct seminars and meetings. I believe this is not a luxury service, but a needed service for anyone conducting business with the public. And, she is fast, full of conviction and doesn't mess around. This one means business and delivers it with a beautiful smile!”

Stephanie Radkay,

Saved me a fortune!

“Catherine came into my closet and completely restyled everything I had in there. Not only did she save me a fortune, but she also put together outfits that I would have never thought to put together myself. She is great to shop with on a budget and will surprise you every time!”

Samantha Salk,

My closet is now amazing!

“Catherine has helped me refine my personal style, exposed me to new fashion designers, and help me love my closet. I used to find myself saying, "I don't have a thing to wear" with a closet filled with clothes. With her guidance, my closet is now amazing. Catherine always puts her client's needs and time first...she is very flexible to schedule an appointment. I recommend Catherine to anyone who needs a fashion boost or is a busy working woman like myself.”

Bernadette Reyes, Project Manager, Construction

Sees into the soul of the woman and goes deep and pulls out what was already waiting inside.

“Okay. I’ll go ahead and admit it. Catherine Cassidy pretty much dresses me.

I’ve had requests from all kinds of people to write blog posts and share insider secrets about my “style” and how I do it.  Well, Catherine IS my insider secret.

And here’s why:

Whether we're working via Skype - or in person when I'm visiting LA, I rely on Catherine's guidance.  Catherine can see into the soul of the woman who is the entrepreneur, business owner, creative or whatever – and she calls out the style that’s in there. She never pushes or imposes any fashion agenda. She simply goes deep and pulls out what was already waiting inside.  Then she makes it rock big time!  I never even knew what a stylist was – and now I can’t imagine any woman having a professional life without having Catherine on her team."

Christine Kane,

Made the process effortless and FUN!

"I worked with Catherine for our annual conference. She made the process effortless and FUN! Hiring her allowed me to focus on all the other details of the conference and then just step into my style for the event. I felt so fabulous and continuously was complimented on how stunning I looked! I recommend that all my clients invest in themselves by hiring a stylist.”

Sheri McConnell, CEO of the Smart Women's Institute of Entrepreneurial Learning

Challenges me to try new things while never pushing me into clothes I don’t feel connected to stylistically.

“As my stylist, Catherine balances infusing fun and modern pieces from great new designers with my more traditional taste and style. She incorporates classic investment staple items while keeping in mind my budget. She is never pushy or “sales-y” like other stylists I’ve worked with, always keeping in mind my comfort and preferences. She challenges me to try new things while never pushing me into clothes I don’t feel connected to stylistically. It’s so refreshing to have her at my side in the mirror as she HONESTLY (and kindly) says “Yea” or “Nay” about what I’m wearing! Her advice and selections are priceless! In fact she nabbed a great Black Halo dress I would never have found myself – but one look on and I was a believer! Several months later I saw my exact dress in the exact color on Katherine Heigl, Hilary Duff and Rebecca Romijin in several issues of People Magazine and InStyle’s “What’s In” section. I almost fell out of my pedicure chair shouting at my friends, “That’s MY dress!” And I had already been wearing it for months thanks to Catherine! In fact, I wore it to a National Correspondents Dinner with President Obama – all because of Catherine’s great eye for beautiful fashion!”

Jill Brown,

Business has increased as have the number of dates!

“An amazing experience that every woman needs. Catherine's much more than a stylist; she's one big huge confidence boost! I felt I needed to present a more polished and sophisticated image as a business owner as well as a single woman so she came into my closet and worked with me to purge what didn't work for me anymore. I also invested in some shopping time with her where she showed me how to maximize the time spent shopping as well as the dollar spent. I've now developed a clear sense of my own style and feel confident each day with my fun new outfit. I had outfits I'd never thought of just sitting in my closet. Getting dressed is so much more fun now! Not to mention that business has increased as have the number of dates I've been on in the last 6 months. I could go on and on! Thank you SO much, U*styled!”

Caroline Donahue,

Found the pieces that made me look as good as I feel on the inside!

"I almost embarrassingly admit that, although I love color and design, I am a little clueless when it comes to awesome style and fashion. With whole hearts and lots of laughter, Catherine and I tore through my entire wardrobe and found the pieces that made me look as good as I feel on the inside! We got rid of all the items that were not flattering or needed to be updated. Then, she completely styled everything I had from clothes to shoes to accessories. I now have that polished look I have been longing for and didn't even have to buy one new item!!"
~Jessica Krewson,

As a busy mom and fem-preneur, I now feel fashionable and fabulous!

I first had Personal Stylist Catherine Cassidy over for a much needed Closet Consultation.  My tiny closet was packed with clothes (most of which I did not wear) and yet I still never seemed to have anything to wear.  After four hours of pulling out and analyzing my closet (and dresser) contents I was surprised to see all of the amazing outfits that I actually had.  With the help of Catherine I:

  • Found my power color

  • Learned to accentuate my assets

  • Use all of my neglected accessories

  • Created numerous amazing looks

  • Most importantly, Catherine created a visual catalogue of all of my outfits (all I have to do is turn on my computer to revisit my library of looks

I am so grateful for the time and energy that Catherine invested in me (and my wardrobe).  I now feel fashionable and fabulous, thanks to Catherine!

I have worked with Catherine Cassidy of Ustyled twice now and both times have been an absolute pleasure.  You see, I love fashion as much as the next girl, but that doesn't necessarily mean that I have the time nor the vision to put together an out fit as quickly and easily as Catherine does.  Being a busy mom and fem-preneur I love being able to have Catherine there to pull my looks together.  Whether for a closet makeover, a special event or a photo shoot Catherine Cassidy is MY Personal Stylist.

Ana Cabán,

Since our session, I’ve been more adventurous in selecting outfits and putting things together!

I can’t thank you enough for transforming my closet! I feel so cleansed, refreshed, and inspired about the new options within my wardrobe.  I also have a much better sense of what works for me.  Even after years of looking in the mirror and shopping with friends, I hadn’t discovered a fraction of the ‘truths’ that you shared yesterday. The best part is that I have three huge bags of items to sell or giveaway and I feel a space for new energy to fill.  I can’t wait to go out and rock my new looks! I’ve even been much more adventurous in selecting outfits and putting things together.  And, I did a little shopping this weekend and it was so FUN and FAST!  I knew exactly which colors would work for me and which items I needed to fill out the missing pieces.  No more stewing in the dressing room or trying on dozens of things that are too far from the mark.

~ Andie Jones, BS NE

I was really nervous about working with a stylist, was worried it would cost a fortune!

"Was I ever wrong!  Working with Catherine actually saved me tons of money because she gave my whole existing wardrobe (and me!) a fresh new perspective and refresh!  She took my two polar opposite lifestyles (weekday corporate, weekend goddess), factored in my personality and taste, and considered the challenge I had with the same stale outfits.  Then she did her magic with the clothes in my closet to create a whole new “bohemian professional” style for me- that I absolutely LOVE!!"

Tracy Lee Jones, Detox & Self Nourishment Expert,


How many pieces come in each box?

This will depend on the size of the box you chose, your budget and your needs. Obviously, the bigger the box, the more pieces that will be included. Typically, your Boutique Box will include 4-12 pieces to ensure we find you the absolute best pieces for you.

What if I bought the $400 box, for example, but want to keep $600 worth of clothes?

Not a problem! You’ll be credited the $400 and we’ll charge your card out for the $200 balance.

How do I know which size box is best for me?

That will depend on your budget and your wardrobe needs. We don’t believe in maxing out your card to get new clothes, but we do believe in quality over quantity. If you’re not sure, then start with the $400 box. If you know you need (or want) at least 5-8 new pieces, then go for the $800 or $1000 box. If you wanted, you could even buy enough now to budget out for the rest of the year!

Remember, this is an opportunity to buy into Boutique Box at a discount, which is for a limited time only. Other than now, merchandise will always be full price because it is so expertly chosen for your needs. So, if you usually spend $5,000 a year on your clothes, then you can buy in now and we’ll ship to you throughout the year until you use up your credit. 

So, do you go shopping for me and just send me the clothes?

That is the model U*styled used for clients we shopped for, but Boutique Box streamlines the process by having the inventory on hand so that we can choose what is best for you easily and effortlessly and you get the service for only the cost of the clothes you keep.

What is the price range?

Prices range from $65 - $500+ depending on the fabric, details, category and designer. Of course, we always take your budget and lifestyle needs into consideration when curating your box of clothes.

How do you decide what is best for my body and my style?

When you give us your measurements, describe your challenges and submit a current photo, we will know your body type and how to best address it. We’ll also know your size. As for your style, it’s in the process of getting to know you, your lifestyle and your goals that we really get a sense of who you are, where you’re at with your style and how we can best help your style evolve.

How do I return what I don’t want to keep?

A packing slip that lists what has been shipped to you is included in your box. First, indicate what you’re returning and tear off the top portion as your receipt. A return slip and a bit of packing tape is also included in the box you’re sent. So, you can quickly pack up what you’re not keeping, drop it off at your nearest USPS and enjoy your clothes!

How long do I have before I need to return the clothes?

Boutique Box should receive the return box within 10 days of shipping, which means that you have up to 2 days to go through the clothes and decide what to keep.

Curious about the survey?

About Boutique Box

While shopping for her clients over the years, Catherine Cassidy of U*styled was stuck on the thought that there had to be a better way to shop – for her and for you! So that it was more time efficient, more cost efficient, more effective and more FUN! (All those business words had you worried for a second, didn’t they!)

And thus, Boutique Box was born!

Even women who love fashion (you and Catherine, for example) don’t necessarily love shopping. It can be painful (the lighting, the crowds, the mirrors, the parking) and time consuming.

However, we ALL love the end result of looking and feeling fabulous. With Boutique Box, you get the best shopping experience and the best clothes. The boutique is hand picked for you and delivered right to your door so you can choose the perfect pieces for your wardrobe. Ultimately, you’re building your own perfect boutique to shop each morning. Getting dressed becomes easy and effortless!

That's 20% off!

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That's 20% off!

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That's 20% off!

Buy Now! *45 min virutal styling consult
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